JDM Gunsmithing Custom Ammunition Service

We can make custom ammunition for your gun.

At JDM Gunsmithing, we believe that in order to get the most out of you gun, that you must tailor a load to that gun. In most cases, a load can be developed that will decrease your group size. If you have a special purpose, we can develop a load specifically for that purpose.  If you wish to spec components, we can put them together for you.

There are two options to get "custom" ammunition from us.

  1.  You can tell us what you want to do with the gun. For example, you want to hunt Grizzly Bears. You give us your rifles caliber and twist, send us some fired cases from that rifle (as a base line), and we choose a load.
  2. Send us your rifle or revolver. Tell us what the gun's primary purpose will be. We will develop a load for that individual gun. After we develop the load, we will record the data and when you need ammunition in the future, all you have to do is contact us. We suggest that you do this in conjunction with our accurizing service, since if there are "issues" with your gun, the best ammunition in the world won't improve its accuracy.

custom ammunition in Lexington, JDM Gunsmithing Custom Ammunition Service

What Goes Into Our Custom Ammo?

  • Whether you provide the brass, or we do, all brass is cleaned, sized, uniformed and annealed and factory crimped.
  • Premium components.
  • Depending on application, rifle and customer preference, all brass is sized back to factory dimensions or neck sized and trimmed to a uniform length..
  • Each piece of brass, each bullet, each primer, each charge and finally each loaded round is inspected  for uniformity.


  • We prefer to use your brass fired from your gun. In lieu of brass fired from your gun, we like "once-fired" brass from anywhere. Fired brass usually has most internal / external anomalies pushed out or filled with residue. That same residue helps to make  bullet pull more consistant. You may also send new brass. If you choose to let us pick the brass, our preference is Lapua, Prvi, Nosler, or Remington, depending on availability. You providing the brass also removes some cost as excise taxes are avoided.