JDM Gunsmithing Gun Bluing: We are currently not taking any new bluing jobs


At JDM Gunsmithing, we do Hot Bluing, Rust Bluing and Cold Blue for touch-up. Bluing improves both the cosmetic appearance of and provides a certain level of corrosion resistance to steels by either passivation or conversion. Bluing imparts a dark blue to black color on steels. The color can be affected by the alloy of the steel, the hardness of the steel, the bluing method chosen and the salts or rusting agent used. The sheen of your bluing job is determined by the type of bluing requested and the surface preparation prior to bluing.

Hot Bluing

In our typical hot bluing operation, we use Oxynate No.7©. Oxynate No. 7© is a proprietary bluing salts solution from a national gunsmith supplier. It has become an industry standard. Oxynate No.7© will impart a very dark, lustrous blue finish to your firearm. Stainless steel will not blue with this product. Again the sheen will be based upon the surface preparation prior to bluing. This hot bluing is a passivation process and the dimensions of the part being blued, will not change.

Rust Blue

Our other bluing method is actually our favorite. Rust bluing is an original gunsmith finish. It is much more durable than any other bluing process and is formed through the conversion of iron to Magnetite. It is more labor intensive and time consuming than hot bluing, but the results are worth it. At the end of the process, you will have a black, satin finish. Many high end, custom gun manufactures still use this process. This process is the correct finish for many turn of the century firearms; and may be the only way to blue many SXS or O/U guns.

Cold Blue

Cold blue or heated cold blue is a chemical process that turns the metal blue. We use a product that provides a nice blue, protects well, does not contain selenium, and is relatively durable. We use it primarily to touch up scratches or where the value of the gun does not support the costs of hot bluing.